Since the 2003 release of their debut CD Enter the Temple, Temple 8 has been impressing music fans wherever the band appears. Straddling the realms of Neo-Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, and Progressive Metal, Temple 8 delivers a brand of exciting, stadium-ready Progressive Rock full of thick, chunky, driving riffs, melodic chords and open atmospheric vibe that defies tradition.

Inspired by such rock greats as Rush, Triumph, Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, Marillion and Pink Floyd, Temple 8 is philosophically inquisitive and politically irreverent, hitting a home run by using poetic and politically charged lyrics to illustrate the stark state of world affairs, driving toward spiritual awakening, all laid out and wrapped around a superb, epic musical platform.

"Temple 8 ... combines the best of rock with metal and electronics into this driving extravaganza that could be played with a dozen performers and not just three or four. Temple 8 has both paradox and simplicity at its core. It is both grand and restrained." -- [ Janie Franz, SKOPE Magazine ]

Veteran performers with conference, festival and tour experience, Temple 8's graphic, controversial background video presentations and backdrops give the a band a visual appeal rivaled only by their major label counterparts.

Temple 8 has a growing number of accolades to its credit including an endorsement with Canada's Carparelli Guitars (formerly Dot-On-Shaft Guitars), long-running top 100 chart positions at Neil Young's "Living With War Today" web site in 2004, an Honorable Mention in the PeaceDriven Songwriting Awards in 2005, inclusion on the Progressive Rock Hall of Fame CD Volume 1 in 2008, and inclusion in the "Noccalula" film soundtrack in 2010. The band is currently in the pre-production stages of their sophomore effort "Iconoclast", available November 2010.


 kurt tischerKurt is a multi-talented musician who's been playing guitar since age 7 and performing publicly since age 14. At age 17 he began honing his skills as a pro audio engineer, which led to the formation of his own recording studio and production company. Kurt's influences include Alex Lifeson (Rush), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), and John Petrucci (Dream Theater ), among others. Kurt uses Dot On Shaft Guitars, Carvin Guitars and Pro Audio , Ibanez Guitars, Epiphone Guitars , SIT and Ernie Ball Strings, and Mesa Boogie Amplification. He also uses products by Line 6, and Voodoo Lab.




dave clarkDave started playing drums at the age of seven. After several years with the same teacher, he started to play in local cover garage bands. When sniffing gas fumes and playing Smoke on the Water finally became too much for him, Dave began hooking up with people to actually create music.  So many great drummers and musicians influence Dave, it would take up too much space.  So come see a Temple 8 show, buy him a beer, and he'll be happy to tell you some of them. Dave uses Yamaha and DW drums, Sabian cymbals, Evans heads, and Vic Firth sticks.




brian gloddeBrian has struck killer tones out of his rig across many bands doorsteps and on many large stages. He has played with some great bands over the years including Medalyon, Antithesis, Dark Arena and Mindscape.